Sunday, July 11, 2010

How To Wear Saree| Wearing a Sari| Drape a Sari| Wear Sari Different Styles| Wearing Tips For Saree

Step 1 of Wearing a Sari :

Here's an illustrated step-by-step guide that teaches you how to wear a Sari - India's national dress for females - one of the most elegant attires a woman can adorn... Two essential parts of attire, that go along with the Sari, need to be chosen carefully to compliment the Sari. These are: A petticoat which is a waist-to-floor garment, tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring. The petticoat color should match the base sari color as closely as possible. No part of the petticoat, of course, is visible outside the Sari, after having worn it. A blouse which needs to be tight-fitting and whose color needs to be chosen keeping the look of the sari in mind, can be short sleeved or sleeveless, with a variety of necklines. The blouse ends just below the bust.

Step 2 of Wearing a Sari:

Start wearing the sari by tucking its plain/upper end into the petticoat, at a position which is a little bit to the right of the navel. Make sure that the lower end of the sari should be touching the floor, and that the whole length of the sari comes on the left-hand side. Now wrap the sari around yourself once, with the sari now coming back in the front, on your right side.

Step 3 of Wearing a Sari:

Make about 5 to 7 pleats of equal width of 5 inches, starting at the tucked-in end. Gather the pleats together, neatly, ensuring that the lower edge of the pleats are even and just off the ground and that the pleats fall straight and evenly. A safety pin may be used to stop the pleats from scattering.

Step 4 of Wearing a Sari:

Neatly tuck the pleats into the petticoat, at the waist, slightly to the left of the navel, in such a manner that they open to your left.

Step 5 of Wearing a Sari:

Drape the remaining fabric around yourself once more left to right, and bring it round your hips to the front, holding the top edge of the sari.

Step 6 of Wearing a Sari:

Slightly raise the remaining portion of the Sari on your back, bringing it up under the right arm and over the left shoulder so that the end of the Sari falls to about the level of your knees. The end portion thus draped, from the left shoulder onwards, is called the Pallav or the Pallu, and can be prevented from slipping off teh shoulder, by fastening it at the shoulder to the blouse with a small safety pin.

Wearing tips for Saree:

Let’s know the tips while wearing saree-

  1. Brown or Dark skin color women should normally buy dark colors – like green, maroon or dark pink etc.
  2. Georgette, Chiffon or Chignon saree is for the women on heavier side. Heavy Mysore Silk saree look beautiful and it tends to look slimmer.
  3. Thin women should buy Cotton, Tissue, Tussar Sarees and Organza. This will give a fuller effect.
  4. Small borders or no borders sarees are for the shorter women. As big borders make one looks shorter, they should definitely avoid big borders.
  5. In the case of printed Sarees, try to avoid the big prints as it gives a flashy and a huge look. Delicate print on a Saree, gives a delicate look.
  6. If you wear saree in office, you should pinup your Saree. You will feel comfortable. You will look very smart and it can easily manageable.
  7. A function or in an outing, just pinup the saree and let the rest of the saree fall on your hand. But give a careful look at the Saree that should have a good fall. This gives a very attractive look.
  8. You should iron properly the cotton, tissue or any starched Sarees before wearing it and at the time of draping, press and shape the pleats properly, do yourself or with the help of other.
  9. Put the pin on the back shoulder so this keeps the saree intact and it does not show the pin.
  10. Last of all but not least - don't wear a very flared petticoat inside.


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